Why Join ASMBA?
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The Armed Services Mutual Benefit Association (ASMBA) provides comprehensive, affordable insurance coverage to military personnel and their families. ASMBA was established in 1963 by military personnel headed for Vietnam who wanted to provide for their families' security, but found they couldn't obtain insurance coverage because they were going into a war zone.

They created ASMBA - a true non-profit fraternal military benefit association, which provides security and peace of mind for members of the Armed Services and their families. And since value of life is not determined by rank or branch of service, ASMBA's founders created life insurance plans available to all ranks of all services, during all times of peace or war, with no rank, duty, or geographical restrictions. We believed then, and still do today, that the men and women who serve our country deserve affordable protection - and first class personal service.

ASMBA is run by its members through an elected Board of Governors and an appointed Board of Advisors, all of whom serve without pay. ASMBA has no stockholders or sales agents to pay, and can therefore offer high value protection at a very low cost.
In 2006, the ASMBA Board of Governors and Advisors decided that the time had come to serve the military community in ways other than insurance, and began the process of creating a non-profit foundation to assist the military community. Towards that goal, they authorized the establishment of a foundation to be the charitable arm of ASMBA. In keeping with the intent of the founders of ASMBA, the ASMBA STAR Foundation is a voluntary association of persons dedicated to improving the quality of life for all military personnel, veterans, and their families.

Who's Eligible?

  • All members of the United States Armed Forces are eligible to apply for membership while on active duty or still serving in the Reserves (including IRR) or National Guard. United States Armed Forces includes active duty, Reserves, or federally-recognized National Guard components of the United States Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard, and members of the Uniformed Public Heath Service Commissioned Corps (UPHS), National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Merchant Marines.
  • Cadets or midshipmen at the United States service academies, in advanced ROTC, or on ROTC scholarship, and all officer candidates within 24 months of commissioning through other programs are eligible for membership in ASMBA.
  • All retired members of the United States Armed Forces who are under the age of 65 are also eligible to apply for membership in ASMBA.

In addition to personnel eligible for membership, family members may apply for coverage with ASMBA. Family members include legal spouses and children, including step-children, of ASMBA members.

What Does My Membership Include?

Membership in ASMBA is FREE and includes $5,000 FREE Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance, plus eligibility to enroll in a variety of low-cost insurance programs. As an ASMBA member, you'll receive periodic newsletters which will keep you up-to-date on all the products and services we offer, as well as the many benefits of membership in ASMBA, like discounts on Dell computers, travel and vacation discounts, Life Line Screenings, and more.

Our Personal Commitment to You.

The goal of ASMBA remains the same today as it was in 1963: to provide affordable family protection, financial security and unmatched service to those who serve our country so well. How do we define unmatched service?

Personal service is the benchmark of our success -- whether you're calling for information about our products and services, about your account, or to file for benefits, you can be assured your call will be answered promptly and courteously by a professional who is trained to answer your questions. In a typical day, our staff handles calls by satellite from the soldier in the desert, or from a spouse who has Power of Attorney and needs some information, or from the soldier who just received orders to deploy and needs coverage - fast! Each and every call we take is handled personally. We give the same service to everyone who calls us - whether they are members of ASMBA or not - if we can help out a fellow military person, we're glad to do it, even if it means sending them to another association for something we may not be able to provide. We care about you. You and your family are personal to us - you're not just another "number" to us. That's why when you call ASMBA, you'll speak to a person, not an automated telephone system.

Rapid response time is the rule at ASMBA, not the exception. We believe your time is valuable - in fact, it's critical, and we want to make your time count. That's why every request for information is handled the same day it is received.

We guard your privacy. We are committed to assuring your privacy and won't sell or share your personal information with anyone - ever.


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