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TriCare Supplement

Association & Society Insurance Corporation (ASI) is offering members of the ASMBA outstanding options in health benefits with the TRICARE Supplement and CHAMPVA Plans.  We understand that it is pivotal that you provide your family with the best healthcare coverage available. Over 100,000 military families have been enrolled in the TRICARE Supplement program, so you know you can trust it.

The TRICARE Supplement is completely flexible and goes with you when you travel or change jobs. It is ideal for self-employed workers or for those whose employers do not offer insurance. This optionwill give you and your family great health care coverage at affordable group rates.

With the TRICARE Supplement, there are no "network" or "preferred provider" lists, so you and your family can go to any TRICARE-authorized doctor at any time. Many HMOs and many employer plans restrict your list of doctors. If your family doctor isn't on their list, you're forced to find a new one or pay more of the bill yourself. With TRICARE, you don’t have to worry about any of that, as the flexible coverage is designed to work with you and your family’s needs.

ASI would like to offer you and your family coverage for the TRICARE supplement, CHAMPVA (disabled veterans and their family members), and TRICARE Reservists for Reservists and National Guardsmen. These plans are designed to meet the challenges of the ever-changing and increasingly expensive world of health insurance by providing the military community a better way to access their earned benefits. Click here to find out more information and to  sign up.


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