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"Thank you so much President McConnell for taking time from your busy schedule to send this information out to your members. I was very enlightened when you shared with your members that treat baskets were being sent out to Soldiers in combat; that brought back memories for me when I was in Desert Storm/Shield back in 1991 and again in 2004 when I was stationed at Ft. Dixx supporting OPERATION NOBLE EAGLE.  There is nothing more uplifting and more motivating at a time like that than your being presented with a treat package that was put together with care and love.  Happy New Years to you and all of your staff at ASMBA." - DeLica Brown

"Ms. Sheryl:  Thank you once again for your outstanding service.  You put a smile on my face and took a load off my mind - in a very stressful situation in a very stressful place.  Please let your supervisor know from a long and satisfied member what excellent service you have provided.  Employees like you make it a pleasure to do business with, and mine will be yours, because of your outstanding customer service, for years to come. " -  Terry D. Hatfield, Camp Liberty, Iraq 

"I am currently deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.  Today, I  received a gift basket in the mail, provided by ASMBA.  Thank you for providing the "treats for troopers" gift basket.  Your thoughtfulness is appreciated.  As I pass out the snacks you generously provided, I will be sure to tell my paratroopers what a great organization ASMBA is!  Thank you for making a difference in the life of  this paratrooper." -  Col. John Garrity - Bagram, Afghanistan

Thank-you for the care package, I shared it with my fellow Corps of Engineer brethren here in Baghdad - they also thank you. Snacks from home are always appreciated. I also appreciate your great support of deployed troops, with taking care of their insurance premiums while down range. I will continue my coverage even when I return home; I think you are the best deal for soldiers in this high OPTEMPO environment. Hooah!" Thanks again, - LTC David Meyers

"I was pleasantly surprised when I received the package you sent. It was awesome. I am humbled when folks like you thank me for serving, or when I am greeted at the airport by Veterans, seniors, school children and others that want to shake our hand and say 'thank you'. I've been doing this since 1972 and can't imagine not participating. My wife of 34 years is very supportive and even though she doesn't like to see me leave, she understands what it means to me to be here doing what I do. My son is serving also and I am trying to get together with him so I can serve a tour with him. This could be my last tour. Some day they are going to make me retire. Thanks again for the thought, the support and the package. All are appreciated more than you can imagine. Have a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.  Thanks again."  - Scott
" ... I wanted to write to you in hopes I can convey my sincere thanks and appreciation for your employee, Luanne.  Ms. McDonald has gone well above andbeyond what I could have ever expected.  She's made herself very accessible, and is a wealth of information in keeping us informed as to the different products available, while exhibiting the highest standards of business conduct with absolutely no pressure for us to make a hurried decision.  Ms. McDonald has been an immeasurable help in providing all needed information in a polite, professional and expertly versed manner.  I wish there were more organizations with people half as willing to help as Luanne has been to us.  I made the comment to her that the last time I was searching for insurance products, it was like pulling eye teeth to get answers and information.  To find someone like her ... is refreshing to see.  We've had nothing but good experiences with her - timely, professional and friendly, attentive - the list goes on.  Thanks again for fostering such a great relationship.  I just wanted to let you know that your employees are definitely "making the grade" for you!"  - Jeff (USAF, Ret.) and Christina Atkinson, Kissimmee, FL
"Tammy:  Thank you for resolving my mailing dilemma.  By the way, I was caught a little off guard, there.  Your response to my initial e-mail was the fastest I have received since I can remember.  I was expecting a reply back at 5 in the afternoon, not 30 seconds later.  That's an impressive job!  Keep up the good work and excellent customer service." - IT2 Theodore Jakaboski, USNR
"THANK YOU so much!  It was a pleasant surprise to see I had a package from you.  I pick up mail every day and other than my music I order from Best Buy each week, I really don't receive much mail.  So once again, thanks, 'cause you made my day!  - Anthony, ANG, TX

"Luanne, I would like to thank you for your exceptional customer service.  Your time and consideration in this matter was some of the best I have ever received when dealing with companies.  Many thanks for your time in this matter."  - Terry D. Hatfield
"Tammy, thanks so much for contacting me.  The professionals in your office are the best I've ever dealt with." - Gene Simonton
“I appreciate your taking the time to communicate with me. You are very kind and very professional, too, I might add.” - Keith Cress
"I made an inquiry last week concerning a reduction in my coverage/premium payment and Ms. Sharon Oakley took over my case management.  Ms. Oakley provided me nothing short of  absolutely MAGNIFICENT SERVICE!  Never before have I had such proactive and consumer-directed assistance in person, on the phone, or on line.  She answered each of my questions promptly and directly, asking the right questions and taking care of each of my individual requests immediately.  Ms. Oakley prompted me to consider things I had not thought of, and provided me with professional guidance.  I concluded my dealings with your company with a complete confidence that all my questions had been answered - I made informed decisions, and all my changes had been made quickly and accurately.  All this was accomplished due to the wonderful efforts of Ms. Oakley.  Please convey to her my sincere appreciation for a wonderful experience in customer service.  She is a credit to your organization and should be commended for her exceptional work ethic.  If Ms. Oakley treats everyone as she did me, you have a virtual sea of satisfied clients.  Please understand how surprising and refreshing it was to have someone actually care enough to spend an extra few minutes with me to ensure everything was taken care of properly. -  Douglas Baird, Civ., USAF AFSPC SYAG/SED.
“Thank you very much. I really appreciate your quick response. As usual, awesome service.” - Paula Norris
Thank you very much for the treats! It was an unexpected surprise that brightened my whole day.  Thanks again. - Brian (one of our deployed soldiers )

"We thank you for providing great coverage, rates and service to our military members, active and retired.  Your dedication to service and our budget is greatly appreciated.  I canceled my plan with VGLI to come on board with ASMBA.  Keep up the great work!"  - Mark Trovato, USA, Ret.
"I do not currently have your insurance, but I am really impressed by this and the "out-of-the-box" thinking exhibited here.  Bravo Zulu (nice work) sir!" - Gary Gadzinski, USNR, Ret. (In response to an e-mail report from our President, Col. Michael McConnell ...)
"That was a very encouraging and thoughtful message and (I) appreciate the offer to help those who may need it.  Good to know that you are there for more than just a monthly premium payment!" - Mike Gasparetto, USAF (In response to an e-mail report from our President, Col. Michael McConnell ...)
"I had heard that you guys were good in customer service! The proof is in your quick response! Thanks." - Joe Fraga, USAF
“Wow! Outstanding service. Thank you!” - Joel Dickinson, USAF
“Thank you for your professional and kind service.” - James M. Hodge, USNR Ret.
“Thank you for your prompt and personal note – such personal attention is rare these days with the internet. It was so nice that you knew who I was from a phone call and an online application. Most companies would have never responded so personally!” - Deanna Bentley
“Thanks for responding to my email because I was beginning to have second thoughts about getting a policy. Even though your answer wasn’t what I was hoping for, I’m at least comforted by the fact that your company provides service to its customers by answering its email.” - R. Miyahara
Thank you for your quick response for my request on my insurance.  So far, everyone has been great in all actions and responses by e-mail, and it's refreshing to me.  Everyone at ASMBA, in my book, is number one in the help, concern, and support you give to all the vets that served their country.  Thanks again for your support. - M.T. Bean, USANG
I had to call the ASMBA office several times for help.  I've checked with other companies and ASMBA not only had the best rates I could find, but their customer service representatives were more patient with me than others I talked to.  The ladies I spoke with, Luanne and Sheryl, were both very helpful and considerate in answering all of my questions.  Thanks for your help! - Jessie Gee, USN


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