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Get $5,000 AD&D Insurance

SGLI Supplement for Spouses (For your spouse)

Cover your spouse for as little as $4 per month! A perfect way to complete your family protection plan, spouses of ASMBA members are eligible for coverage as long as they are under age 60 and are not divorced or legally separated from the member. Coverage is available in units of $50,000, up to a maximum of four units or $200,000.

The SGLI Supplement for Spouses:

  • Covers your spouse even if you leave or retire from the service
  • Provides coverage up to $200,000
  • Protects your family, financially, in the event of the loss of your spouse
  • Guarantees level coverage up to age 70
  • Requires no medical exam if your spouse is in good health and under age 35

You can expedite the approval process by completing your application online and signing via our secure Signix e-signature process.

To view rates please click here.

You can also download a brochure. Please note that unsigned, mailed applications will take longer for approval.


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