Why Join ASMBA?
Get $5,000 AD&D Insurance

Choice Level Term Plan (Level term coverage for the military member and spouse)

Get term life insurance for active duty or retired military.

No medical exam is required for Active Duty military under age 50 for coverage up to $250,000 with a statement of health. The Choice Level Term Plan is available to all ASMBA members who are active duty in the Armed Forces, National Guard or Reserve (including IRR). Military retirees under age 65 are also eligible, as are: Cadets or midshipmen from U.S. service academies, advanced ROTC, those on ROTC scholarship, and all officer candidates within 24 months of commissioning through other programs.

* A medical exam is required on all applicants ages 50 and above, and on all military retirees and their spouses. Additional medical information may be required based on condition of health of the applicant/spouse.
The Choice Level Term Plan:
  • Enables you to customize your policy term and coverage amounts to fit the specific needs of your family
  • Provides a living benefit of up to 25% of your coverage amount - should you suffer a terminal illness or injury while you are still alive
  • Gives your beneficiary a guaranteed emergency death benefit of $5,000 - usually paid within 24 hours of notification and verification of death
  • Provides a suspension of premium if you are deployed to a war zone
  • Maintains your coverage - regardless of changes in your health
  • Offers quick decision time for rapid deployment and more

You can expedite the approval process by completing your application online and signing via our secure Signix e-signature process.

To view rates please click here.

You can also download a brochure. Please note that unsigned, mailed applications will take longer for approval.


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