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The Armed Services Mutual Benefit Association (ASMBA) was established in 1963, when military personnel going to Vietnam found that they could not get military insurance coverage because they were heading into a dangerous war zone.  Those servicemen then created ASMBA in Smyrna, Tennessee to provide military insurance to those who need it. The company has been operating in the beautiful Middle Tennessee area ever since.

In 2006, the company expanded beyond solely providing military insurance.  That year, the Board of Governors and Advisors created a foundation aimed at supporting military families in a variety of ways.  Called the ASMBA STAR Foundation, this philanthropic arm of ASMBA tries to meet the growing financial, physical, emotional, and psychological needs of military personnel, veterans, and their loving families.

Becoming a member of ASMBA costs you nothing, and it also qualifies you to apply for a number of other low-cost military insurance programs that are exclusive to members of the armed forces.  Further, in addition to the numerous military life insurance plans available, members have the opportunities to take advantage of special discounts on a number of goods and services, including: travel and vacations, computers, Life Line screenings, TriCare supplement plans, I.D. Theft Assist programs, and more!

Without a doubt, the best thing about membership in ASMBA is the quality of service with which we proudly meet your needs.  It all starts with prompt responses whenever you need to know anything.  We know your time is valuable, so our signature rapid response time policy ensures that information requests are handled the day of the query.  It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to contact us from the deserts of the Middle East or a remote cornfield in Iowa; in every instance, you can rest assured that we’ll take care of your problem in a personal, prompt, and professional manner.  And, every case is handled with the utmost respect for your privacy.


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